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Over 30 years experience in the beauty industry, with the most advanced technological tools, the strong commitment to outstanding quality and a special flair of innovation and creativity have allowed Goldlane Int'l Co., Ltd. to firmly established itself on the market to meet professional beauty salon, daily skincare and the OEM business needs today.

Goldlane supplies a comprehensive range of professional skincare products, body care and hair care products are all dedicate to every today lifestyle woman to nourish and enhance their purest beauty through an unique approach from Natural, Health and Whole some Beauty. All skincare products are to serve a specific need and provide effective and visible results to our customer concern and care.

At Goldlane, DERMAFLEECE and BBe are both well-established since 1987 with a full complete range of professional skincare products, gentle skincare products, professional hair care products, plus a variety of soft masques, collagen masques, ready-to-use masques and ampoules. The latest product line of Polkadot offers a full professional range of artificial gel/ acrylic/ tip nails, trendy and nail decals and dangle, and daily hand and foot care treatment products tailored to beauty salon and personal home care needs.

Thanks to the outstanding quality performance of its products, dynamic marketing plan and the entrepreneurial flair of the business owner, Goldlane has progressively extended its business growth in North America and the South East Asia Countries.

In view of the aggressive and competitive growth in the professional beauty sector, GOLDLANE also seeks to provide an in-depth understanding for those beauty lovers with a series of educational and interesting beauty academic courses. A professional beauty certificate will be authorized and issued upon the completion of the courses. For those outstanding achievers, the international beauty academic courses and beauty forum can be arranged for the advanced level.

Our mission is to focus a closed sight on upcoming trends and timely respond to individual market needs, to offer a fruitful communication with distributors and clients, to make itself know how and technical expertise available to its distributors and clients. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality product at the most competitive price and specifically aimed to satisfy the beauty industrial needs in the vigor of a high level of qualitative standard.

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